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About Us

Shibam is a town in Yemen, it is referred to as the ”Chicago of the Desert”. We at Shibam don’t only serve food, we serve food that tells a story. When you try it, it will take you way back; to the History of the Arabian Peninsula, to the mountains of Shibam Hadhramaut, simply the beautiful Yemen.


Our Food

The food served in Yemen has been influenced by the Indians and the Ottomans, you will definitely realize this once you step foot inside our restaurant and smell the aroma.
The generous offering of food to guests is one of the customs in Yemeni culture, hence our big servings. We cook everything fresh and homemade, so you might have to wait a little tiny bit more than at McDonalds.

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Whether you want to host and feed 10 or 200 or more guests, please let us make your special occasion more special. To even make it more Arabic style, call us for anything you’d like to have but it is not in our catering menu. We will make it.